Situation Overview
BBC was engaged to represent a premier provider of pre-engineered, prefabricated steel products. The business was majority-owned by the founder and President and minority-owned by four talented senior managers. One of the managers planned to retired post-transaction, while all of the others wished to continue with the business under new ownership.

BBC Process Highlights

  • BBC’s market-clearing sale process attracted high levels of interest from reputable strategic and financial buyers that ultimately resulted in several robust offers.
  • Several hurdles were successfully navigated throughout the process, including 50% customer concentration and a restricted buyer list (no competitors)


  • Our client was purchased at a premium by a subsidiary of a world-renowned financial buyer with the ability to take the Company to the next level.
  • All of the senior managers / owners obtained a substantial liquidity event.  The owner that wished to retire was able to do so.  Those that wanted to remain with the business did so at their pre-transaction compensation levels, which were substantially above market.
  • With the acquisition of the Company, the buyer was able to expand into new end markets with highly customized, tightly engineered, prefabricated structural steel products.